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Car Hire Corfu

Car Hire Corfu, Agios Gordios Rolandos car hire office

Rolandos car hire Corfu is located in Agios Gordios since 1992 and has been the first office of car rentals in Agios Gordios providing high standards car hire services.

We continue being the largest car hire company in the area offering new cars, new models and excellence of services.

All our available vehicles are parked in our private indoor garage and are ready to rent instantly. At Rolandos, you can check whether the car you are interested is really suitable for you. Visit us and see the car before you rent it!

Moreover, Rolandos is serving customers all over the island. Check the nearby resorts covered by Rolandos within a few minutes.

Car Hire in Agios Gordios or Take 85kms island tour or Take 140kms island tour

Rent a Car in Corfu airport

Car Hire Corfu Airport Corfu airport car rentals

Hire a Car Corfu airport if you are flying to Corfu. The best option to get to your holiday accommodation is to hire a car in Corfu airport.

This photo was taken at Corfu airport and shows a usual queue at the arrivals when visitors wait to get services prebooked from an airport-based company. When you rent a car at Corfu airport from Rolandos you avoid getting into this trouble and your holidays in Corfu start straight away!

The first choice for car rentals at Corfu Airport you is Rolandos. We will deliver the car to you at the arrivals gate on the time you request and we will be there to welcome you personally! Rolandos offers you this privilege free of charge at any time of arrival in Corfu airport!

Car Hire Corfu Airport

Rent a car at corfu port

Car Hire Corfu Port Rent a Car at Corfu Cruise ship Terminal

Car Hire Corfu Port: Are you arriving at Corfu port? Either you are arriving on a cruise ship or by ferry, Rolandos provides special offers on Car rentals in Corfu port.

The best way to explore Corfu island is by rent a car at Corfu port. When you hire a car at Corfu port from Rolandos we will be waiting for you at the arrivals at the time you request.

Do you find the prices of the organised island tours or the taxis extremely expensive? Ask Rolandos for a Corfu Port car rental price and save time and money! We will be there to welcome you and give you directions on the road map for the best Corfu island tour!

Car hire Corfu Port

Car hire Corfu Pelekas

Car hire in Pelekas Beach hire a car in Kontogialos

Pelekas beach is one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Corfu island. Whether you are staying in the main Pelekas beach hotel, Levant hotel, the Sunrock hostel or at one of the resort's accommodation, you will love the beach of Kontogyalos.

However, the island has loads more to offer and you need to explore it! The best solution is to rent a car in Pelekas beach. Pelekas beach has a poor bus connection which is only available at the top of the hill. Car hire in Pelekas beach is the ideal solution on order to see more of Corfu island.

Rolandos rent a car is located just few minutes away and we can deliver the car to your holiday accommodation at any time you request! We are operating in Pelekas for many years thus we are recommended by the majority of the locals. Contact us for Car rentals in Pelekas or Pelekas beach and get the best offer!

Car hire Pelekas

Rent a Car in Glyfada Corfu

Rent a car in Glyfada Corfu car hire in Glyfada, Corfu

Glyfada is one of the most popular beach for the locals and the Greek visitors due to the long sandy beach, the local beach bar and the parties! The biggest hotels are the Louis Grand, the Glyfada beach hotel and Menigos.

Rolandos rent a car has been operating in Glyfada for many years and can ensure the best service on car hire in Glyfada Corfu. When you rent a car in Glyfada Corfu from Rolandos, the car will be delivered to your holiday accommodation at the time you need it with no extra charge.

Glyfada Corfu Car Rentals

Rent a Car in Aqualand village

Rent a Car in Aqualand Car hire in Corfu Aqualand Resort

Aqualand is ine of the most famous theme water parks in Europe. It is located in Agios Ioannis in middle Corfu, just a few kilometers from Corfu town, and 10 minutes drive from Rolandos office. There you can find water slides, tubes, pools, rivers and many more activities which are fun for young and older.

The most convenient way to visit Aqualand, the famous water park in Corfu is by hiring a car from Rolandos at the most competitive rates.

If you are staying at the waterpark's holiday resort, you can rent a car in Aqualand village from Rolandos! When you hire a car in Aqualand from Rolandos, we will deliver the car and provide you with all the useful information needed in order to explore Corfu island.

If you are interested on car rentals in Aqualand village, do not hesitate to contact us!

Car Hire Aqualand Resort

Rent a Car in Paramonas

Rent a Car in Paramonas car hire info

Paramonas is a quiet beach in southern Corfu. The whole Paramonas area is ideal for quiet holidays and has only a few local stores.

In order to see more of Corfu you need to rent a Car in Paramonas beach. When you hire a car in Paramonas from Rolandos, the car will be delivered to you with no extra charge. Of course, a road map of the island with our suggestions for the best Corfu island trip will be provided.

Paramonas Corfu Car Rentals

Rent a Car in Ermones Corfu

Rent a Car in Ermones ermones car hire info

Ermones is a resort surrounded by evergreen slopes and crystal waters. The rocks on the beach make the place ideal for snorkeling and generally sea exploring that you can do by boat.

However, the distance from town and the frequency of the busses running are not suitable for those who want to explore more from Corfu's beauties. The best solution is to rent a car in Ermones. If you want to hire a car in Ermones Grand Mediterraneo hotel do not hesitate to contact Rolandos rent a car.

When you rent a Car in Ermones from Rolandos you get the chance to explore Corfu island with a new car, at the best price! Car rental in Ermones is just a click away! Just contact us for the best Car hire offer!

Car Rentals Corfu Ermones

Rent a Car at Gouvia Marina

Rent a Car at Corfu Marina Gouvia rent a car Gouvia by your yaht!

Corfu Marina Gouvia is located just six kilometers from Corfu town. It's capacity is 1235 berths and is the first privately owned Marina in Greece.

The Gouvia Marina in Corfu is operating all year round on a 24-hour basis providing it's high quality services since 1996.

If you are arriving to Corfu Gouvia by yaht you will need to rent a car in Corfu Marina Gouvia in order to make your way to the island's beauties or for business purposes. Rolandos is offering high quality vehicles at the most competitive prices. When you hire a car at Gouvia Marina in Corfu from Rolandos we will give you all the information you need to make your route on the island. If you are interested on car rentals at corfu Marina Gouvia, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Car Hire Gouvia Marina

Rent a Car in Corfu

Rent a Car in Agios Gordios

Rolandos rent a car in Agios Gordios is providing car hire services in Corfu island since 1980 and will ensure you will have a great time exploring the beauties of the island on your holidays.

Swimming in Corfu

There are many nice places for swimming in Corfu. The west coast of Corfu provides sandy beaches and the east coast pebbly. There are busy and quiet beaches, sandy, pebbly or beaches with rocks. There is definitely one for you to fall in love with.

Eating out in Corfu

Restaurants in Corfu

Restaurants in Corfu offer local traditional and international cuisine and can satisfy all tastes! Click on the photo to view a full list of Restaurants on the island.

Nights in Corfu island

Nights in Corfu

Corfu has a rich nightlife experience to offer. Not only Kavos which is popular to the British visitors, there are many Clubs, beach and cocktail bars all around the island.

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