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Convertible Car Hire Corfu

Convertible cars

Hire a Cabriolet in Corfu
Hire a Convertible in Corfu from Rolandos, and add fun to your sightseeing. We offer cabriolet cars to make your holidays an unforgettable experience.

Hire a convertible Car in Corfu and explore the island in style.

Rolandos provides cabriolet cars in Corfu which make your holidays an unforgettable experience. Small, economic convertibles, family-size cabriolets and soft-top Jeeps are our fun options. Pick yours!

You can keep the cars open during your journey. Just remember to wear a hat on hot days. Of course, roof shall be closed on rainy weather or any time you do not use the car. That’s because you never know how fast the weather can change. The roof opens with a touch of a button and closes very easy as well. It is only the soft-top Jeep, Suzuki Jimny, that opens manually. However, this is also very easy as you just drop the cover backwards, so you do not have to remove it.


Mini Convertibles

Our small convertible cars are ideal for 2-3 persons. Due to  their compact size they are ideal for driving around Corfu’s narrow streets or parking in Corfu Town. Either the Economy or the Mini Convertibles will make your tour an unforgettable experience.


Soft-top Jeep

Soft-top Suzuki Jimny is the most popular Jeep on rental cars the last years due to the combination of Jeep and convertible car. The roof can open and close easily at any time. Jimny is also equipped with A/C, which makes it an ideal vehicle to rent on sunny days as you can keep sunbathing while sightseeing the island.


Finally, our family-size cabriolets offer fun and luxury. You can also open their roof anytime with the touch of a button. It only takes a few seconds to give you a rather amazing summertime experience!



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1000 - 1600cc







Meet our Convertible cars for hire

Convertible Economy

Peugeot 108 Top

4 Manual
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Convertible Mini

Fiat 500 Cabrio

4 Manual
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Convertible 4x4 Jeep

Suzuki Jimny Soft-Top

4 Manual
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Family Convertible

Opel Astra

4 Automatic
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Hire an automatic car in Corfu and just enjoy the journey with no gear changes.

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Hire a Jeep in Corfu and enjoy your time. Convertible Jeep rentals in Corfu provide excellent, fun holidays.

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