Corfu International Airport (CFU), is the most popular way of reaching the island, and it exceeded serving 3 milion passengers annually before covid.

Corfu airport is located just three kilometers away from the capital of the island, Kerkyra. Conveniently located in the middle of the island, makes it easy to reach holiday resorts in the north or south part of the island in roundabout equal times.

Corfu Airport (CFU), “Ioannis Kapodistrias”

Corfu airport is named after Ioannis Kapodistiras, the first governor of Greece, who was born on the island.

Corfu Kanoni View

Most of the visitors of the island who arrive by plane, start their holidays straight away by hiring a car at Corfu Airport. Rolandos Airport car hire office is located just 300 meters away from arrivals, and this means no time waste. Our representative will attend you personally and provide you with your rental car immediately.

On this page you can find some useful information regarding Corfu airport, what to do here and the area close to it.

Landing at Corfu airport

Shopping in Corfu airport

At the departures area of the airport there is a few shops to visit while waiting to board. There is shops for newspapers, magazines, books, tobacco products, souvenirs and other traveller products, as well as Corfu local products.

Duty free shops are also found in Corfu airport departures. Here you can buy tax free fragnances, beauty products, chocolates, traditional local products, toys, electronics, tobacco and spirits. Moreover, you can find sunglasses, watches, jewelry and more traveller’s accessories.

Finally, at Corfu airport you will find a wide range of food and beverage shops to dine or enjoy a snack before you depart or right after arriving on the island.

Corfu airport is located just  minutes drive to Corfu town, Kerkyra. There you can find the Corfu flea market with great variety of local products.

Where to park in Corfu airport

Just 100 meters before the airport’s building, you can find a public parking on the left. However, with Rolandos you do not have to search or pay for a parking when returning your rental car at Corfu airport. Our representative will be expecting you, so you can just unload your luggage and go. No queues, no waiting

Corfu airport parking

Where to eat near Corfu airport

If you are looking for a restaurant or fast food close to the airport, there is a few quality options. Kanoni is the sub-urban area, on the hill next to the airport’s runway. Here you can enjoy a meal, snack or a drink watching airplanes landing and taking off. Our favourite location is Cafe Kanoni which also offers an amazing view of the mouse island.

Where to stay near Corfu airport

If you have an early flight to catch and prefer to stay close to the airport, there is plenty of options. The closest hotel to Corfu airport is Hotel Bretagne, located just 150 meters away. More quality options can be found close by, like the Mon Repos Palace and Corfu Palace hotels in garitsa bay, or Corfu Holiday Palace hotel in Kanoni area.




Rental car delivery

Rolandos offers free delivery of your rental car at Corfu Airport at any time of arrival.

Where to find us

Personal attendance is provided upon arrival. No queues or waiting.

Car seats

The car seats refer to the number of passengers the car can take according to the manufacture and the number of seat belts.


The capacity of the cars’ trunk is approximate. If you have any question please contact us.