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Corfu Hiking – Trekking

corfu hiking

Do you love walking through nature? In Corfu you can find many hiking routes which will guide you through unspoiled natural environments.

Hire car and explore the island’s beautiful routes.

Porto Timoni

Porto timoni is a beautiful beach located about 20 minutes walk from Afionas, a small village in the north west Corfu, close to Agios Georgios Pagi village. You will need to park your vehicle close to the square of Afionas, near the church, and continue on foot. Beware the path can be quite speep. However, no special equipment is needed, just patience and attention.

Porto timoni route difficulty is rated as B, from an A to D scale, so even amateurs can make it and follow this amazing trekking path in north Corfu.

Porto timoni is two beaches in one, as a narrow piece of land separates the two beaches, Limni and Porto timoni. In order to reach Porto Timoni you will have to walk down the green hill through a narrow, and sometimes steep footpath. On the way, you will enjoy the view of Agios Georgios bay till you reach the beach. If you are lucky, the path will be clear and you will be able to go even further and visit the little church of Saint Stilianos which is located inside a small cave!

Closest tourist resort

Agios Georgios (pagi) is a major tourist resort in north west Corfu.
On your way to the Porto Timoni beaches you can see the amazing view of Agios Georgios bay, the longest sandy beach on the north west Corfu.

Continuing down the path, you will face the magical view of Limni and Porto Timoni beaches.
Both beaches are pebbly and provide peace and relaxation, but different water temperatures due to their facing against wind and currents. They are not organised, so be prepared and bring some drinking water with you and anything necessary for your stay there.

If you have time, the journey does not end at the beaches. Futher south, to the edge of the peninsula you can find a little church. On the photo above, on the right you can see Limni, the western of the two beaches.

Agios Stilianos,
the Church in the cave!

This little church is located inside a small cave! The tale says that, many years ago a shepherd found an icon of Sint Stilianos and took it to the village’s church so the people could worship it. But the next day the icon was no there, and the shepherd found it again inside the cave. Then the villagers decided to make a little church there, dedicated to Agios Stilianos.

The path from the beaches to the little church has a lot of vegetation and it is not always accessible.


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More corfu hiking information to be added soon.


You can find more information on the local trail association website here.

Swimming in Corfu

There are many nice places for swimming in Corfu. The west coast of Corfu provides sandy beaches and the east coast pebbly. There are busy and quiet beaches, sandy, pebbly or beaches with rocks. There is definitely one for you to fall in love with.

Eating out in Corfu

Restaurants in Corfu offer local traditional and international cuisine and can satisfy all tastes! Click on the photo to view a full list of Restaurants on the island.

Nights in Corfu island

Corfu has a rich nightlife experience to offer. Not only Kavos which is popular to the British visitors, there are many Clubs, beach and cocktail bars all around the island.

Other attractions in Corfu

One of the largest theme water parks in Europe.
Canal d'amour
The canal of love keeps couples together forever, as the myth says.
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