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Corfu Island Information

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About Corfu

Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian Sea, it covers an area of 592 square kilometers, and a luxuriant coastline of 217 kilometers.

You can find it in the north side of the Ionian Sea, in the entrance of the Adriatic Sea. Moreover, it stands two and a half miles from the beach of Albania.


The mythical island of the Feakes is an ornament of the Ionian Sea, but it is also one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It combines the green mountains and the long sandy beaches. The mild and rainy climate of the island brings out the rich flora, which creates the unique color of the island. The island is full of of gorgeous beaches, such as Agios Gordis, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of a gigantic rock rising from the crystal waters which flirt with the green scenery. Glyfada with the golden-sanded beach. Kontogialos with the green scenery all-around. The popular Palaiokastritsa with the breathetaling view. Myrtiotissa, in the south Agios Georgios, the beautiful Sidari, the endless beach of Acharavi, the graphic Kalami and Kouloura, and many more.

Three rows of mountains cross the island. The highest peak is Pantokratoras (914m). Between the mountains there are many fertile valleys, like Lefkimmi and the grassland of Ropa that are washed by many rivers. However, are dry during summer. Finally, around the island there are many small islands of the same beauty and clean beaches, like in Corfu.

Opposite the city of Corfu there is Vido (ancient Ptychia) and Lasareto.


A mosaic of all nationalities and races walk through the picturesque alleys, known as the”kadunia” of Corfu, which create an atmosphere of past times. In this scenery, you can find the ideal place for vacation, since you can choose between the small fishing-villages for a relaxing stay or the cosmopolitan places with loud night life. Moreover, you can find villages in the green valleys which are the ideal place for those who love the country. In contrast, you can also find innumerable beaches for those who love extreme water sports.

The locals generously offer their hospitality to the visitors of the island. Therefore, visitors get the chance to experience an unforgettable vacation.


The ancient city of Corfu was built during the 8th century BC. It then stood south of today’s location, between Garitsa bay and the lake Chaliopoulou. Moreover, you can find the center of the ancient city which stood at Palaiopoli, up to the Kanoni area. However, the market must have been opposite the palace of Mon Repo and in the place of Analipsis, where was the Acropolis.

To do in Corfu

The must of Corfu Sightseeing is your proof you visited the island:

  • Get lost in the narrow streets (kadounia) of old Town.
  • Enjoy a Ginger beer in a traditional cafe.
  • Visit the monastery on the peak (914m.) of mountain Pantokrator.
  • See the Sunset from Pelekas
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of Agios Gordis with the rock rising from the crystal waters.
  • Visit traditional Corfiot villages and the full of olive trees countryside

Swimming in Corfu

There are many nice places for swimming in Corfu. The west coast of Corfu provides sandy beaches and the east coast pebbly. There are busy and quiet beaches, sandy, pebbly or beaches with rocks. There is definitely one for you to fall in love with.

Eating out in Corfu

Restaurants in Corfu offer local traditional and international cuisine and can satisfy all tastes! Click on the photo to view a full list of Restaurants on the island.

Nights in Corfu island

Corfu has a rich nightlife experience to offer. Not only Kavos which is popular to the British visitors, there are many Clubs, beach and cocktail bars all around the island.

Other attractions in Corfu

One of the largest theme water parks in Europe.
Canal d'amour
The canal of love offers the forever bundle of love.
Hire a car in Corfu

Rolandos rent a car in Agios Gordios is providing car hire services in Corfu since 1980 and will ensure you will have a great time exploring the beauties of the island on your holidays.

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