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Sightseeing Highlights

Sightseeing Highlights by car

The easiest way to explore Corfu is by Car.

When travelling, there is some spots they call “must see”, like beaches or viewpoints. In other words, if you miss those Sightseeing Highlights, you can’t say you visited this place. Follow our list and make a checklist for your next visit in Corfu!

Paleokastritsa & Angelokastro

Paleokastritsa is definitely the most famous place in Corfu. Not only because of the breathtaking view, but also the local monastery and the crystal clear waters.

This area has a rich underwater world, therefore it is unique for underwater activities. Moreover, you can find many isolated beaches you can only reach by boat.

Finally, do not miss the best views of from village Lakones and from Angelokastro.

Climbing high

Angelokastro is one of the most important Byzantine castles of Greece you can find at the edge of the highest point on the northwest coast at 330 meters height. Finally, the walk up the castle is tough but the magnificent view will pay back your effort.

Pelekas & Kaizer's throne

Pelekas was famous for the endless parties in ’80s. Now it is a peaceful village where you can enjoy the most romantic sunsets on the island. You can find Kaizer’s throne at Pelekas’ highest point, next to hotel Levant and provides an amazing view of the island.

Visit our Pelekas Car rentals page for more information about Pelekas village and Kontogialos beach.

Achillion Palace

About 10 kilometres from Corfu Town you come across the magnificent palace of the Queen of Austria Elizabeth, Achillion. This is museum couldn’t be absent from out Sightseeing Highlights list.

The beloved Queen gave preference to Corfu over all of the other islands of the Ionian Sea, during her cruise in the Mediterranean, when she wanted to overcome her personal problems.

What to expect

The area is decorated with many statues and many paintings of well-known painters like the “four seasons” by the Italian painter Galopi and the “triumph of Achilles” by the Austrian Frank Matt. Moreover, wonderful statues decorate the gardens of the palace, like the “dying Achilles”, the Satyre with Dionysus on his shoulder’, the’ Lord Byron’, an impressive statue of Achilles of 11,5m height and many more.
Finally, you will be amazed by the flowers and decoration of surrounding gardens.

When to visit

Achilleion is open all year round between 8am and 8pm. Visit our Museums Page for more information.


Kassiopi is one of the most expanded areas in north Corfu and is known for the ancient fortress and the picturesque port.

The fortress of Kassiopi is the oldest on the island and you can see the affect of time on it as few parts are still standing.

Moreover, at the port you have the chance to relax, watching the fishermen while you enjoy an Ouzo with meze or a refreshment.

Finally, at the port you may meet the fishermen returning with frsh fish you can buy.

Logas & Cape Drastis

In the north west point of the island you will find interesting rock formations the sea has created. Next to Sidari, you can visit Canal d’ Amour. They call it canal of love, because when a couple swims there, they remain together forever!

Moreover, if you continue to the west, you should head to Cape Drastis. Park the car and prepare yourself for some hiking if you wish to enjoy the amazing view of the rocks cutting the waves!

Finally, visiting the cafe 7th Heaven you will have the chance to enjoy a refreshent or a meal with a breathetaking view.

Saint Spyridon Chirch

Saint Spyridon is the patron of Corfu island and this church houses his relics. The tradition and culture of Corfu is connected with Saint Spyridon, as it is believed that he saved the island from disasters and ottoman  attacks.

Lake Korission

Korission is the largest lake on the island and is protected by the Natura treaty. It is the most significant wetland where you can meet many bird and plant species.

What is more, you will have the chance to enjoy the peaceful environment of the endless sandy beach. Finally, you may be able to see it before landing, if your airplane lands at the south end of Corfu airport and the weather is clear.

Mouse island & Vlacherena

Pontikonissi is also known as “Mouse island” (as direct translation) and is an islet located opposite the southern end of Corfu airport runway. However, not the church closer to the land as many believe.

Little boats run frequently during Summer season. However the Byzantine chapel which you can find on it, is open to the visitors only once a year, on 6th August. Panagia Vlacherena is the little White church and monastery close to the land. Inside it you can find beautiful wooden decorations and a nice bell tower.

The old fortress

This masterpiece of architectural art was built by the Venetians in the 16th century, fearing a turkish attack. The Byzantines built the first walls and moat of Corfu in the 8th century, and were separating the fortress from the city.

Finally, the visitors who will take the chance to climb to the top of the old fortress will be rewarded with an amazing view over Corfu town.

Swimming in Corfu

There are many nice places for swimming in Corfu. The west coast of Corfu provides sandy beaches and the east coast pebbly. There are busy and quiet beaches, sandy, pebbly or beaches with rocks. There is definitely one for you to fall in love with.

Eating out in Corfu

Restaurants in Corfu offer local traditional and international cuisine and can satisfy all tastes! Do not miss the local Corfiot dishes: Pastitsada, Stifado, Sofrito and Bianco.

Nights in Corfu island

Corfu has a rich nightlife experience to offer. Not only Kavos which is popular to the British visitors, there are many Clubs, beach and cocktail bars all around the island.

Other attractions in Corfu

One of the largest theme water parks in Europe.
Canal d'amour
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Hire a car in Corfu

Rolandos rent a car in Agios Gordios is providing car hire services in Corfu since 1980 and will ensure you will have a great time exploring the beauties of the island on your holidays.

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