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Corfu safe to travel Covid-19

Coronavirus Travel Information

Updated 23rd September 2020

Corfu safe to travel covid-19 infotmation

Coronavirus in Corfu

Can we consider Corfu safe to travel regarding the situation with covid-19?
At the moment local businesses are taking measures to protect tourists and locals. A huge effort is being presented.

Island population: 105.000
Total deaths in Corfu: 2

Is Corfu safe to travel in 2020?

Greek government susspended the operation of all seasonal hotels and holiday accommodation till middle June. Moreover, they also cancelled all international flights to the islands till end of June, when all hotels and accommodation were allowed to open. Finally, international flights to the islands were allowed from 1st July, exept of UK and Sweden that started on 15th July.

Many travel websites like forbes, list our island as one of the top safe holiday destinations worldwide for 2020. Greek state has taken all necessary measures on time to prevent the spread of the virus. Thus, the number of cases of the corona virus has been satisfactorily limited, allowing us to feel safe and optimistic. The Greek government has announced that there will be no more total lock-downs in the country https://news.gtp.gr/2020/08/03/greek-pm-second-covid-19-lockdown-not-option/

Travellers are adviced to check with their airline companies and tour operators wether they will fly or not.
All visitors need to fill the form at www.travel.gov.gr

Passengers arriving till 23rd August from Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Czechia, Bulgaria, Malta, Romania and United Arab Emirates are required to have a negative test result for covid-19, performed up to 72 hours before their entry to Greece.
As of 5th September, visitors returning from Greece to Scotland and Wales have to quarantine for 14 days.
Corfu is still clear of quarantine for visitors returning to England. More info for UK travellers can be found HERE
As of 8th September, all travellers returning from Greece to Netherlands will have to remain in quarantine for ten days.

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What is the safest transportation way? (safety measures comparison)

By bus By Taxi
  • Half seats will be available
  • Driver isolation by plexiglass
  • Driver will be wearing mask and gloves
  • Antiseptic will be available at the entrance
  • All passengers wearing masks
  • intensive cleaning after every transfer
  • Maximum 3 passegners
  • 9-seaters can carry up to 4 passengers
  • Extra passengers can be children under 18
  • Passengers & driver wearing mask


rental car cleaning


What we are doing at Rolandos to prevent Covid-19

At Rolandos, our customers’ and team’s safety is of utmost importance. Thus, we are closely monitoring Coronavirus and following the guidance of the Greek state and health authorities. Moreover, we are are certified by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas for defending covid-19 tactics for businesses, by attending special seminars.

covid-free certification

When hiring a car from Rolandos you can be sure we continue to maintain our high standards for safety and cleanliness, plus:

  • We force a minimum 12-hour gap between each rental,
  • reduced or zero paperwork time,
  • To avoid most contact with your car, Rolandos’ team wears a mask throughout their work,
  • We are disinfecting all high touch areas in the car before and after each rental. From your keys to your steering wheel, levers, dashboards and door knobs, we make sure that anything you will be touching is disinfected before you receive your car,
  • We have implemented social distancing and a “no hand-shake” policy,
  • all credit and debit card payments accepted

karcher disinfectant


We encourage you to visit Corfu this year.

We are actively keeping Corfu safe to travel in 2020 and encourage you:

do not cancel your holidays
change dates

Stay safe and dream on…

The world is going through tough times, fighting against this sneaky enemy! It is the duty of all of us to follow the instructions in order to stay safe and sound. At the same time, in the safety of our homes, we can take advantage of our free time to dream and plan our next vacation to Corfu!

How to stay safe while travelling?

  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available,
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth,
  • keep reasonable distance and avoid contact with other people.
  • Prefer open-air places to enjoy your meal, coffee or drink

Our updated booking policy:

At Rolandos, we understand these are uncertain and unsettling times for everyone and that your holiday plans may have been affected by this unexpected event. As circumstances change, we are reviewing our policies to provide our customers with full flexibility, so they can change existing or new reservations free, for Summer 2020 or 2021 dates. No deposit is lost! You can use your deposit for reservations within 18 months! Just inform us for the change at least 3 days before pick-up.

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