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Corfu old fortress

The Old Fortress

During its turbulent history Corfu needed to entrench itself against its conquerors. In the beginning of the 8th century BC the Byzantines built the first walls and the first moat, the "Contra Fosa", which separates the fortress from the city. In the 16th century, the Venetians, fearing a Turkish attack, extended the bulwark and the moat, creating a second and a third line of defense.

The bare rocks around the hills made the fortress impenetrable, which is a masterpiece of architectural art. While on the other hand, it offers the visitor an incredible view to the city, the sea ford up across the land and the hills of Epirus. Worth visiting inside the fortress is the chapel of Saint George, which was built by the British in 1840.

Corfu new fortress

The New Fortress

Over the old harbour stands the new fortress, which was built in 1570 by the Venetians. It is characteristic that for its construction they needed to tear down 2.000 houses and churches as well as Porta Reale, one of the most magnificent gates of the city. A great part of it was destroyed after an order given by the Great Forces during World War II. Today it is used by the Navy.

Saint Spyridon Corfu

Saint Spyridon Church

It is the most famous religious monument of the city with obvious influences by the Italian art, which is met in all the Ionian islands. It is dedicated to Saint Spiridon, who is the Saint of Corfu, and according to the legends he saved the inhabitants of Corfu, in the past, from epidemics and he appeared twice as a monk, helping them against Turks in 1673 and in 1716. The temple's roof is impressive. It is separated in 17 parts and it portrays scenes taken by Saint Spiridon's life and the Evangelists. His relics is kept in a silver casket of the 19th century.

Corfu town hall

Palace of Saint Michael and George

The English domination also had positive effects, like the development of the economy, the education and the arts. Around this time, an impressive building of Georgian style was built. This was the residence of the High Commissioner.

The palace on the outside is decorated with themes of the Ionian Islands which are carved in relief, while on the inside there is a central hall with two rows of steles of Ionian order and painted themes of Odyssey. A magnificent staircase leads to the first floor, which is decorated with steles of Corinthian order.

The first floor also has three main rooms: the ballroom, the throne-room and the symposium-room. The palace was used, in the past, by the Ionian Senate and by Saint Michael and George's Order. For a half a century, it was the summer residence of the Greek Royal family. Since it has been restored, it functions as a museum of Asian art and it houses the Revenue Department of Classical Antiquities and the national picture gallery. It has also accommodated the leaders of the European Community for the summit meeting of 1994.

Corfu town hall

The Town Hall

The building that was being built for 30 years, from 1663 it had been the "loggia nobili". Later it became a theatre, which got the name San Giacomo. In this theatre Operas had been played and the director manager had been Mantzaros. The building was turned into a townhall in the begining of the 20th century and it is the only building with ashlar-work.

Corfu town hall

Kanoni and Mon Repos

Kanoni is called the hill next to the town and in Greek means Cannon. It was named Kanoni after the French placed artillery in 1798. One of the Cannons is still in position. From there, you can reach the famous Mouse island (pontikonissi) and have a breathtaking view over the airport runway.

The Mon Repos is a grove where many archeological findings and the famous Mon Repos manor house are located. Mon Repos was built in 1825 under design of Sir George Whitmore and was used as summer residence of the English commissioners and the Greek King family. In it's garden you can find over 2000 rare plants and ancient monuments.

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Swimming in Corfu

Corfu beaches

There are many nice places for swimming in Corfu. The west coast of Corfu provides sandy beaches and the east coast pebbly. There are busy and quiet beaches, sandy, pebbly or beaches with rocks. There is definitely one for you to fall in love with.

Eating out in Corfu

Restaurants in Corfu

Restaurants in Corfu offer local traditional and international cuisine and can satisfy all tastes! Click on the photo to view a full list of Restaurants on the island.

Nights in Corfu island

Nights in Corfu

Corfu has a rich nightlife experience to offer. Not only Kavos which is popular to the British visitors, there are many Clubs, beach and cocktail bars all around the island.

Other attractions in Corfu

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