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Electric Car Hire Corfu

Electric Cars

go eco!
Hire an electric Car in Corfu and reduce your carbon footprint. Go eco and forget about fuel prices! Electric car rentals in Corfu with range up to 120 Kilometers are the most economic way to explore the island.

Hybrid and eclectric car hire

Electric car hire in Corfu is the best choice if you want to reduce your carbon footprint during holidays. New technologies are introduced to the automobile industry in order to make our mobility eco-friendly.

Rolandos provides electric rental cars in Corfu which will make your holidays an amazing, eco-friendly experience.  We offer our customers two and four passenger models so you can find the perfect model for you.


Choose between our fully electric, or hybrid rental cars in Corfu and find the perfect car for your holidays.


Hire the Smart EQ ForTwo electric in Corfu and drive up to 150 kilometers with one full charge. Moreover, this car can reach the top speed of 130 kilometers per hour. Alternatively, for up to four passengers, you can choose the all new Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which provides a real consumption of four litres per 100 kms. What is more, with this car you will not have to worry about energy.

Please, note that our models in this category are available only on request, so do not hesitate to contact us for availability and prices. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that there is rarely any charging station in Corfu, so you have to confider you have enough electric power in order to return to Agios Gordios.

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Max Speed

80 Kms/h


90-100 Kms

Meet our Electric Cars for hire


Panda Hybrid

4 Manual
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Smart EQ

ForTwo Electric

2 Automatic
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Yaris Hybrid

4 Automatic
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