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Full insurance Car hire in Corfu by Rolandos.

All prices include basic insurance, which will cover you in case of an accident. The basic price includes insurance with a small excess, which is the amount that is not covered. We provide full insurance car hire in 3 insurance plans to choose from:

CDW is the basic insurance we always include in the price. Collision Damage Waiver includes a full third-party cover with an excess for own damages. This excess on each insurance plan depends on your chosen car category.

Optionally, we offer the following extra insurance plan so you can choose:

SCDW insurance will lower the excess to 100 Euros for small/compact size cars, 120 Euros for bigger/convertible cars, and 150 Euros for Mini Vans and special vehicles. This insurance plan does not cover glass, tyres, mirrors, and underbody.

All rentals require a credit card for the settlement of final charges.

Age restrictions:

25 years is the minimum age for hiring all Car Types except Mini Vans, where it is 27.
69 years is the maximum age covered by our insurance.
Drivers should hold a valid driving license for at least 12 months.

National Driving Licenses issued in the EU, US, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine are accepted.
International Driving License must accompany all other countries’ licenses.

What is NOT covered by any insurance plan:

❌ NO insurance covers off-road or on-the-beach driving or damages to the interior of the cars.
❌ NO insurance is valid when driving under alcohol or drug influence, speeding, or against the law.
❌ NO insurance covers the vehicle’s undercarriage, rooftop, or interior.
❌ NO insurance covers non-repairable/burst tyres. The customer has to repair damaged tyres, and Rolandos will refund any costs.
❌ NO insurance covers damages or mechanical issues in case of overcapacity or cargo in the car.

Ferrying the car is only allowed with Rolandos’ written permission. Please add the extra road assistance insurance if you plan to ferry your rental car to mainland Greece.
Driving the car out of Greece is not allowed in any case.

24-hour hotline & road assistance on Corfu island: Basic price includes road service for your rental car in Corfu island. Rolandos provides a Free Replacement Car in case of a breakdown within 48 hours from the time reported. Rolandos has the right to deny the replacement if the use of the car was against our terms & conditions.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information should you require it.

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