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Full insurance car hire in Corfu

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Full insurance car hire in Corfu by Rolandos.

C.D.W. coverage is always included in the basic price and includes third party cover and an excess for own damages of 700 euros for small/medium cars, 900 euros for bigger/cabriolet and 1200 for minibuses and special vehicles.

We provide two optional extra insurance plans:
S.C.D.W. insurance will lower the excess to 70 Euros for small/medium size cars, 90 Euros to bigger/convertible cars and 120 Euros to Mini Vans and special vehicles.
F.D.W. coverage policy maintains same excess amounts, but will add full cover with zero excess for damages to windscreen, tyres, glass, undercarriage and mirrors.

NO insurance covers off-road or on the beach driving  or damages to the interior of the cars.