Is driving in Greece difficult?
Do I need an International driving license to drive in Greece?
What are the speed limits in Greece?
Are there special rules for driving in Greek islands?

Hiring a Car is the best way to explore Corfu island. However, driving in a foreign country might differ from home.

How is it with driving in Greece? Read our tips below and drive safer and easier in Corfu island.


Corfu driving tips


Use the car horn.

Using the horn for no reason is illegal. However, it has never costed a traffic fine to someone.

For your safety, we recommend you to use the horn before going around the corner. This way, drivers coming the other way will keep aside.


Ask for normal unleaded “95”.

Most of the cars use 95 octane unleaded unless you use a diesel or drive a car which needs super unleaded. All Rolandos’ regular cars use Unleaded 95. Our Mini vans use Diesel.

There is service in all petrol stations in Greece, where they might try to sell you Super unleaded. You do not have to pay 10-15% more, ask for 95 Octane fuel.


Use low/correct gear

Unless you hire an automatic car in Corfu, you need to use the correct gear depending on the road angle and your speed.

When driving uphill we recommend the use of 2nd gear, or even 1st gear if needed.

Remember to use the clutch as less as possible to avoid mechanical damage. Touching the clutch to raise rpm will not give your car more power.

When driving downhill, never drive in neutral or using the clutch. This reduces the car’s stability. Instead, use 2nd gear in downhill, or 3rd maximum.


Mind the sign

The sign system in Corfu is a bit tricky. You will not always find a sign before a crossroad, so we recommend you use a GPS system. At Rolandos, you can hire a a car with navigation in Corfu.

Corfu is a verdant island and sometimes it is hard to keep signs in front of flora. Drive carefully and prefer to stop in every junction. Passing through stop sign is very dangerous.

Drive slowly and carefully to keep safe, enjoy the nature and see more.


Yellow traffic light

Yello traffic light comes after green so you have time to stop before red. Beware that locals are usually in a hurry and will sometimes speed up to pass before red light is on.

For this reason, you can check your mirror before you hit the brake pedal.


Driving during weekend

Many perople think that weekends are more busy on the roads. Well, this is not happening in Corfu. Of course, beaches (especially near Corfu town) are more busy in the weekend, but roads are more quiet since many locals do not have go to work or take children to school.


Gasoline VS Diesel

Diesel engines were introduced to private use cars only the last few years in Greece. At Rolandos you will find diesel engines in big cars which need bigger, strong engines.

In Corfu island’s hilly roads, we prefer theย Gasoline engines’ torque curve. You have more engine power in each gear. PLUS, gasoline engines have lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions!


Greece Driving regulations & Rules

Keep in mind that in Greece:

  • You have to drive on the right hand side of the road,
  • you cannot use your mobile phone whilst driving,
  • parking on yellow lines is prohibited,
  • you are not allowed to drive if you have consumed alcohol or used any kind of drugs,
  • Traffic in roundabouts has to give way to traffic entering roundabouts (unless it is regulated different by signs)
  • all passengers must wear seatbelts,
  • Children under 4 years or age or 1,35m of height must be seated in child seat,
  • if you do not have a European driving license, or your driving license is not in english, you need an international driving permit,
  • you do not have to use lights during day.



Speed limits in Greece:

You will not always find a sign with the speed limit, so keep in mind the following general rule:

  • Urban areas: 50 kms/h
  • Open roads: 110 kms/h
  • Motorways: 120 kms/h



Rental car delivery

Rolandos offers free delivery of your rental car at Corfu Airport at any time of arrival.

Where to find us

Personal attendance is provided upon arrival. No queues or waiting.

Car seats

The car seats refer to the number of passengers the car can take according to the manufacture and the number of seat belts.


The capacity of the cars’ trunk is approximate. If you have any question please contact us.