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Corfu Jeep Rentals – SUV & 4×4

Corfu Jeep

4x4 Jeep Rentals!
Hire a Jeep in Corfu and enjoy your time. Rolandos convertible Jeep hire in Corfu ensures excellent, fun holidays.

Why should I rent a Jeep in Corfu?

Hire a Jeep in Corfu because it is more fun, you can also consifer it safer, and it will provide you with a special holiday experience!

Is it easy to drive Jeeps?

Jeeps are driven as regular vehicles and no special license is required to drive them! Having a longer distance from the road gives you a feeling of safety and better control of the surrounding area.

When is it more enjoyable to rent a Jeep in Corfu?

At Rolandos, you can also hire a soft-top jeep in Corfu as well, so you can open and close the roof any time you like. The roof can be open in all whether conditions except of raining, because you wouldn’t like a wet interior.. In too hot days you can enjoy the sun and at the same time get fresh air from the air conditioning.

What about wet weather?

When road is wet, you can use the 4×4 system and be safer, as the car will gain better grip on the road. 4×4 is not recommended in dry roads because it can rise gasoline consumption. Moreover, 4×4 is not helpful in dry roads because it makes the car more difficult to manuver.

Storing things in the Jeep ?

When you rent a Jeep in Corfu has some disadvantages too, comparing to a regular vehicle. If you hire a Suziki Jimny in Corfu, it has a very limited boot space where you can fit 1 or 2 small luggage. Moreover, we do not suggest storing things in a Soft-top Jeep as the cover can be easily opened from outside.  You can lock the glove compartment by the car’s key to keep your belongings safe, but the space is very limited.

If you need more space, we recommend you to hire an SUV in Corfu or a Crossover size Jeep because this will provide enough boot space and storing capacity. What is more, you will travel with comfort since those kind of vehicles are spacious enough for 5 passengers.


You can follow the link to check our Soft-top Jimny rental in Corfu

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1.300 - 1600cc


2 or 5


Power steering
ABS - Airbags

Meet our Corfu Jeep for hire

Convertible Jeep

Suzuki Jimny 4x4

4 Manual
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Compact SUV

Kia Stonic

5 Automatic
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Suzuki Vitara

5 Automatic
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