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Reasons to pre-book your rental car:

Why pay more?

Prices tend to go up when there is less availability.ย  Book now and save!


Boook the car category you need. You have found the perfect car for your holiday. Book it now as it might not be available later.


Wider choice.

Choose the holiday car from our wide range of vehicles before it is sold out.


Make your plan

Book your rental car now and the only thing you will have to do is counting down to your holidays!

Alternative payment methods are available in order to confirm your reservation. If you still want to pay by card, you can also try Eurobank LivePay system in desktop PC to pay the deposit or even the full amount if you prefer. We will confirm your reservation immediatly after receiving the payment.


Paypal is also available for payments, you can send the deposit to info@rolandos-cars.com


Revolut or bank transfer is available, please contact us for more details.

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