Corfu Museums

If you are interested in the local history and tradition, you must visit the museums in Corfu town. There, you will be able to see artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, and historical importance. Most museums are located in Corfu town, and few are in the island’s countryside.

Achilleion Palace

When you think of Corfu museums, Achillion Palace is the first that comes to mind. Apart from its interesting exhibits and beautiful gardens, its history, and previous owners make it even more interesting for a visit.HistoryThe Austrian Empress Elizabeth of Austria (known as Sissy) built Achillion between 1890-1892. She dedicated it to Achilles (a mythological Greek hero). You can find it in the village of Gastouri, just 15 minutes drive from Corfu town. It contains many statues and paintings and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, overlooking a big and very nice part of the island. After Sissy’s assassination in 1898, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany purchased the place to whom belong many personal items and furniture.

Casa Parlante

Casa Parlante is a museum in Corfu town, where you can experience the old way of living in Corfu in the 1900s. At that period, Corfu was the Capital of the united states of the Ionian islands and centre of culture, education, and commerce.More specifically, Casa Parlante museum is situated in an old-style villa of the 19th century which comes alive and tells its story. The unique architecture of this neoclassical building in Corfu’s Old Town is where you will experience the daily routine of the noblemen of that period.Casa Parlante promises to offer you the real picture of Corfu of a bygone era with its robotic human figures, faithful decorating, and furnishings. The island’s traditions unfold for all your senses while waking through an authentic experience of sights, sounds, and smells. The house will revive before your eyes. Listen to the children of the family playing music. Moreover, smell the aromas that emerge from the cooking pot. Finally, read the news from the newspaper of the landlord.

Museum of Asian Art

Inside the palace of Corfu in Spianada square, you can find the museum of Asian art. It is the only museum in Greece where you can find items of Asian art exhibited since 1928. DecorationThe themes of the Ionian Islands decorate the palace on the outside. At the same time, on the inside, there is a central hall with two rows of steles of Ionian order and painted themes of the Odyssey. Steles of the Corinthian order decorate a magnificent staircase that leads to the first floor.The first floor also has three main rooms: the ballroom, the throne room, and the symposium room.In the past, the Ionian Senate and Saint Michael and George’s Order used the palace. Moreover, it was the summer residence of the Greek Royal family for half a century. Since its restoration, it functions as a museum of Asian art. It houses the Revenue Department of Classical Antiquities and the national picture gallery. It also accommodated the leaders of the European Community for the summit meeting of 1994.

The Governor's Olive Mill

Governor’s Olive press factory is located in Agios Mattheos in southwest Corfu.Here you can experience the olive oil production process. Moreover, you can taste extra virgin olive oil, and it is also possible to buy. A guided tour is provided daily and is an interesting experience for everyone!

Corfu Archaeological Museum

Corfu Archaeological Museum houses findings derived exclusively from the island of Corfu. It reveals with them the cultural presence over time in the ancient world. The museum aims to bring visitors to the past and demonstrate civilization’s continuity on Corfu island. Moreover, to create the foundations that will help everyone to experience its cultural identity and embrace the usefulness and necessity of preservation.


Its exhibits include items such as sculptures, bronze statuettes, and objects from antiquities.

Mon Repos

The Mon Repos is a grove where many archaeological findings and the famous Mon Repos manor house are located. Mon Repos was built in 1825 under the design of Sir George Whitmore and was used as a summer residence of the English commissioners and the Greek King’s family.

The Garden

In its garden, you can find over 2000 rare plants and ancient monuments. Finally, a small beach, Kardaki, is the closest one to Corfu town.

Corfu Banknote Museum

You can find this banknote museum run by Alpha Bank among Corfu museums.
Moreover, you can find a big collection of coins and notes with a huge historical value there.

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