Drive in Greece after Brexit

Here you can find answers about driving in Corfu after Brexit.

The UK is no longer part of the EU, which has stressed many British citizens who plan to travel and drive in Greece after Brexit.

On this page you can find all the information you need so you can drive on holiday. More specifically, here we will supply you with all the latest news, especially for driving in Corfu after Brexit. If your question is, “Can I drive in Greece after Brexit” check our article below.

Will I need an IDP, or UK driving license is OK for Greece?

Your UK driving license is good if you want to drive in Greece after Brexit. You will not need an IDP if you have a UK photocard-type driving license. However, if you only have a paper license, you will also need to hold a 1968 IDP. You can change your paper driving license to the photocard type through DVLA, which usually takes up to three weeks. You can click HERE for more information. Finally, if you prefer to keep your paper driving license, you can apply for an IDP HERE or at the counter at the post office for just £5.5.

Are there any changes to the insurance covers?

All insurance companies would cover you in case of any accident when you hold a valid driving license. In our case, a UK driving license is fine, and Similarly, any travel insurance will cover you. However, breaking the law, e.g., driving after consuming alcohol or drugs, speeding etc., cancels all insurance coverage.

You can book your rental car in Corfu with no stress. At Rolandos, we guarantee to provide you with a rental car in Corfu with all insurance coverage after Brexit.

Please, check our special page with useful information and tips for driving in Greece safely HERE.

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