Travelling to Corfu with Children

Travelling to Corfu with a baby or Children

Can I travel to Corfu with a baby?
Is Corfu a child-friendly holiday destination?

Corfu, the evergreen island of Greece, is undeniably one of the best islands in Greece for family holidays. There are many villages, beaches, and activities to explore, which can keep the family busy for at least two weeks!

Below, you can find useful tips to make your life easier when travelling to Corfu with your baby or child.

It is always recommended to have travel insurance and locate the closest doctor to your holiday accommodation. There is a local surgery in most of the major holiday resorts.

Flying to Corfu with a baby

First, you must check your passport and airline rules and inform your doctor about your travel plans. When you are good to go, you can book your flights. Choose priority boarding and security, and prefer an aisle seat at the front of the plane if possible. Doing this will make your life easier when you need to get up to walk or change the baby.

Pack light, have travel insurance, and locate the closest doctor to your holiday accommodation. There is a local surgery in most of the major holiday resorts. You can find many shops for mothers’ equipment in Corfu town, like a Prenatal shop just next to Corfu airport.


Which is the best area in Corfu for family holidays?

The shape of Corfu resembles a sickle and is one of Greece’s most beautiful and romantic islands. It has a lot to explore and satisfy the interest of every type of traveller. Hiring a car is the most convenient way to explore Corfu with your baby. To avoid long drives, we recommend you choose a tourist resort in the middle of the island. This way, you can reach the farthest points from your hotel within an hour’s drive.

An amazing place for children, as well as grown-ups, is Aqualand Resort. One of the largest and most amazing Waterparks in Europe! Aqualand is also open to non-residents. However, if you decide to stay at the Aqualand village, you can also have free access to the waterpark. You can find more information HERE.

Hiring a Car in Corfu

In our fleet, you can find all types of rental cars. Many of the island’s roads are twisty and narrow, and parking in Corfu town can be a pain. The car-size you will need depends on the equipment you need to carry with you. However, the smaller the car, the easier to drive around and park.


Do babies need a car seat in Greece?

Children under 12 years of age or 1,35m in height should use the appropriate car seat when travelling by car.

In our extra equipment, you can find infant, baby, and booster seats. Consider using a baby carrier. This way, you can save the boot space taken by a stroller. Need one? Ask us! Another good solution is to use a modular system where your baby seat will fit on your stroller. Need one? Ask us!

Check our premium Baby pack, which includes -apart from the seat- a car window shade and a “baby in the car” sign!

The sun in Greece can be very strong during the summer months, so remember to carry a special sunscreen for babies. When hiring a car in Corfu by Rolandos, our extra equipment for babies and children includes sun shades that will keep your baby safe from the strong summer sun.

Finally, our customers’ safety and hygiene are of utmost importance to us. Thus, all our rental cars are smoke-free and thoroughly disinfected.

Keep children safe

Beach holidays

Most children’s accidents occur in summer when children are free from school and have much free time, often unattended. To keep our children safe, we need to know that:

-Swimming saves lives. Let’s teach our children how to swim from their first years of life,

-Never leave children unattended near water, even if they can swim,

-Never trust inflated objects for the children’s safety,

-Do not let children swim after meals,

-Swimming in the rough sea is dangerous,

-Always protect children with special life vests when taking part in water sports or are on board,

-Teach children to ensure the water is deep before they dive

At the pool:

-Pools must follow all safety regulations, especially if children use them.

-Pay special attention to slippery pool areas.


Fauna in Corfu, Greece

Accidents caused by animals do not occur often, and even rarely can be deadly. However, when they occur, they are very unpleasant and cause phobias to children, which can follow them throughout their lives. In Corfu, you will rarely witness dangerous wildlife, but often stray animals. Children need to follow some basic rules to avoid any unpleasant experience.

Animals usually attack when they are ill, when protecting their children or when they feel in danger. The same happens with insects and reptiles. It is important to teach children that:

-When approaching strange animals, we need to be calm and careful,

-Playing aggressively close to the house’s dog might lead it to attack us, as it might feel the owner is in danger,

-never approach animals that have little children,

-if we meet wild animals, we should only walk away calmly and not disturb them,

-never put hands under stones, as insects and reptiles usually live there during summer,

-we do not walk through high vegetation in summer. If we need to, we can make some noise with a stick in front of us,

-we never disturb bees, as they attack in swarms when they feel danger.

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