Our Story

Rolandos Rent a Car is one of the first Car hire firms in Corfu, established in Corfu town in 1980. Rolandos head office is located in Agios Gordios, providing the best cars & service to the village’s visitors since 1991. You can find our airport office just 400 meters from Corfu international airport.
Rolandos Family

Rolandos Karamanidis

At 16 years of age Rolandos, the founder of the Rolandos Rent a Car firm, joined the commercial ships as a trainee mechanic. Nine years later, in 1980, the idea of rental cars was already becoming real. For two more years, he kept running the Car hire company during summer and returned to the sea during winter. Then, as he met Maria, the family plans kept him away from the sea. Rolandos and Maria have two children: Eleftheria and Anestis.

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Second generation

Rolandos and Maria were running the Car hire company for 35 summer seasons. In 2015, Rolandos was ready for retirement, and the second generation, Anestis and Eleftheria, took over.

Since then, “Mr. President” can relax and provide help when needed.

Jolanda has been working with Rolandos since 1997. As a member of Rolandos family, she always ready to give the best service to Rolandos’ customers.

Corfu Town

Rolandos rent a car was established in Corfu town, next to the Ionian university, in 1980. It was the early years of tourism in Corfu and Greece in general.

From Corfu town, they had the chance to mostly cooperate with hotel receptions and deliver the cars everywhere on the island.

Rolandos first fleet was composed of the little Fiat 126, the Fiat 127 and Yugo Zastava, and the Suzuki jeep LJ80.

All cars were parked on the road, as it was not so busy then. Cleaning was done by hand for the exterior and interior of the vehicles.

Agios Gordios

In 1991, Rolandos moved to Agios Gordios. It is the tourist resort closest to Rolandos hometown, Kouramades village. Our firm is the first Car rental company based in Agios Gordios.

Our first location in the heart of the village was next to Linda’s restaurant. Rolandos was based there for six years. However, parking in this location was tight, and Rolandos had to move.

In 1997 Rolandos’ office moved to our premises opposite Agios Gordios bus stop. This is the only buidind with a private underground garage here and cleaning equipment.


Rental car delivery

Rolandos offers free delivery of your rental car at Corfu Airport, Port, or holiday accommodation.


Where to find us

We provide personal attendance upon arrival at the airport or port— no queues or waiting. If you choose to have your rental car delivered to your accommodation, we will meet you at the requested time.


Car seats

The car seats refer to the number of passengers the car can take according to the manufacturer and the number of seat belts.



The capacity of the cars’ trunk is approximate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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