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Agios Gordios is located in the middle of Corfu island, on the west coast. It's ideal location gives you the chance to be close to all the major points of interest of the island.

If you need directions to Agios Gordios from the Corfu Airport or Port you can visit the Contact us page.

The best way to explore Corfu island is by renting a car in Agios Gordios. On this page you will find information about the best routes you can plan when you hire a car in Agios Gordios in order to see the most beautiful places of Corfu island.

You can take advantage of each route, depending on how long you are going to hire the car for.

Rent a car for one day

Rent a car in Agios Gordios for one day

If you decide to rent a car just for a day, you can get a good taste of the island's beauties. When you hire a car for a day you only have time for north or south, and we recommend north! That's because the north part of the island has more high points which provide nice views, comparing to the south.

Follow our instructions and be sure you will seize the day!

Another idea is to be on the west side of the island in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the sunset. Our aim is to see as much as we can, but have also time to enjoy each place. So, our one day driving in Corfu will be aproximately 85 kilometers.

So, let's start our day from Rolandos car hire in Agios Gordios (A). We follow the way to Corfu town and head for Achillion palace (B) which is about 11 kilometers away. More details about Achillion you can find on the island tour page. If you are not interested on it, you will need to drive by in order to reach our next destination.

Our next destination is Pontikonissi (C) or "mouse island" which you can see if you stop in Perama. This is only a few kilometers away. There, you can visit the little church of Vlacherena which and see airplanes landing and taking-off, as the runway of the airport is just few meters away. There is a little cafe you can enjoy a refreshment before we continue our trip.

Our next destination is Corfu town (D), just 9 kilometers away. Have a look at the "sightseeing" menu for more information about it. Let's get some help on reaching and parking in town. You will drive by the airport's runway, take the right turn and then go all straight till you see the sea and turn left. You will see the Old fortress. You can park by the sea for free and enjoy the walk to the square and the old town. Enjoy a coffee in the famous Liston Square. To continue, you just need to drive and keep the sea on your right hand side.

Our next destination is very famous and you will find many signs for it. Paleokastritsa. Less than 25 kilometers away but only half an hour, due to the large road, is one of the most popular places on the island. Paleo is famous for the breathtaking views from the moutain of Lakones. Take the way to Lakones and follow the signs for "Angelokastro", a castle at the edge of the highest point on the north west coast of the island.

If you are not interested on the glass-bottom boats, the isolated beaches, the fish tavernas or the monastery, then you do not have to drive all the way down to Paleo (2,5 kms from Lakones crossroad). It has to be already afternoon and if you haven't seen the sunset alreadyf from Paleokastritsa, our next destination Pelekas (F) which is 19 kilometers away is a great chance.

If you want to enjoy a swim, the best beaches of the island are on the way back. Pelekas beach (kontogialos) and Glyfada are on the west coast, before our next destination.

In Pelekas you will find "Kaizer's Throne" which provides great view on the west coast, including Agios Gordios.

Our hometown, Agios Gordios, is only 9,5 kilometers away. Take your time and prepare for the way back.

Do you have more time? Do you want to see more? The following link shows you the best North Corfu tour, which is about 140 kilometers. It is possible to do it in a day, but you will not really have enough time to enjoy yourself in each destination.

See 140 kms trip

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