You have hired a car in Corfu, and you are having an amazing time. Great!

On this page, you can find the answer to questions related to what you can do and what you should do while using and before you return your rental car.


Can I drive anywhere on the island? Are all roads suitable for my car?

Please, make proper use of the vehicle. Off-road or on-the-beach driving is forbidden, and cancels all insurance covers. Do not load the car with more passengers than allowed or cargo. 70 Euros for mechanical inspection fee is charged for cars driven off-asphalt roads or overloaded.

Is it allowed to smoke or vape in my rental car?

Smoking in all of our rental vehicles is prohibited. No insurance covers damages to the interior. Enter the car clothed. Keep the seats clean and dry. Return the car with a clean interior and exterior. A 40 Euros fee is charged for muddy or wet seats or to remove smoke odors or ash.

Do I have to refuel my rental car before I return it?

Yes, the renter always pays for Gasoline. Refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level you received it.

Can I drive my rental car in mainland Greece or other islands?

No, Ferrying the car is not allowed without prior written agreement by Rolandos. Don’t drive out of Corfu.

Rental car delivery

Rolandos offers free delivery of your rental car at Corfu Airport, Port, or holiday accommodation.

Where to find us

We provide personal attendance upon arrival at the airport or port— no queues or waiting.
If you choose to have your rental car delivered to your accommodation, we will meet you at the requested time.

Car seats

The car seats refer to the number of passengers the car can take according to the manufacturer and the number of seat belts.


The capacity of the cars’ trunk is approximate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.