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Rental Cars in Corfu

Rental Cars in Corfu for every need. At Rolandos you can choose the best rental car car which suites you.

Rolandos Car Rental Corfu provides large selection of models to choose from. In our fleet you will find economic, small rental cars, compact-size and family cars, convertibles, Jeeps, MiniVans and more.

Our customers can choose from our large selection of new models which meet all modern safety and comfort standards. All our cars are thoroughly maintained, clean and air-conditioned.

Our rental cars in Corfu are parked in underground garage when not busy, so they are available immediately . Moreover, they keep perfect condition through all their working life.

Find your rental car in Corfu at Rolandos and discover the beauties the nicest island of Greece.

We provide
  • Economic Cars
  • Compact-size
  • Family-size
  • Compact MPVs
  • Convertibles
  • MiniVans
  • Mini-busses

Mini cars

Hire a small car in Corfu!

Hire a small car in Corfu and drive easily around the island.


Convertible cars

Hire a Cabriolet in Corfu

Hire a Convertible car in Corfu for an unforgettable holiday experience.


Hire a 4x4

Corfu Jeep Rentals!

Hire a Jeep in Corfu and enjoy your time. Convertible Jeep rentals in Corfu provide excellent, fun holidays.


Mini Van rentals

Hire a Mini bus

Hire a Mini van in Corfu. Our people carrier rentals in Corfu is the easiest way to explore the island for big families, or large groups of 6 to 9 people.


Automatic cars

Hire an automatic in Corfu!

Hire an automatic car in Corfu and just enjoy the journey with no gear changes.


Economy Cars

Economic Car Hire

Our economy rental cars in Corfu are the ideal solution for couples and for those who are looking for ease on driving and parking over the island’s roads!


Electric Cars

go eco!

Hire an electric vehicle in Corfu and reduce your carbon footprint. Go eco and forget about fuel prices!


Meet our fleet

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Which Rental Car to choose?

Rental Cars are categories are based on the size of the car, or their engine size, the transmission type, the number of seats or doors, and boot capacity.

Before you choose the car category for your holidays you need to consider how much space you need for passengers or luggage.
Check the engine size is enough for driving up our steep hills. Choose the transmission type you are used to drive at home, this will be the most convenient for you.
If you are looking for some additional fun, consider renting a Convertible rental car in Corfu.

Check our fleet page to find out all our available models.