Can I smoke in my rental car?

At Rolandos, we provide 100% smoke-free rental cars in Corfu to ensure that all our customers have a pleasant driving experience.

Tobacco is responsible for residing in the fabrics and other surfaces of vehicles, emitting odors unpleasant for many people.

Moreover, it is illegal in Greece to smoke while driving a car with a child in it.

Non-smoker rental car

At Rolandos, it is important to offer you a healthy and pleasant environment for your island exploration: A clean rental car. Thus, the process requires special equipment and time if we need to clean a car and remove smoke odors. The cleaning cost is 20€

Moreover, car interior damage can occur from cigarettes falling on the car seats or floor, or even serious accidents can happen.

Please do not smoke or vape inside your rental car to avoid getting charged. You can check your rental car on pick-up to ensure there are no ash odors or interior damage.

Smoke-free Rental cars:

Let us offer you faster service as we can save time cleaning the cars.

Give us a chance to offer you cars with no secondhand smoke smells, which are unpleasant and unhealthy.

It saves you cleaning time before returning the car since you don’t have to check for ash.

Don’t require you to reserve a non-smoking car.

Legal information

In Greece, smoking on public transport, including public cars and taxis, is illegal. Moreover, smoking is not allowed on any vehicle when children under 12 years of age are on board. Vaping is also under the same regulation. The fine for breaking this law is 1500 Euros for drivers of private vehicles and 3000 Euros for professional drivers.

Rental car delivery

Rolandos offers free delivery of your rental car at Corfu Airport, Port, or holiday accommodation.

Where to find us

We provide personal attendance upon arrival at the airport or port— no queues or waiting.
If you choose to have your rental car delivered to your accommodation, we will meet you at the requested time.

Car seats

The car seats refer to the number of passengers the car can take according to the manufacturer and the number of seat belts.


The capacity of the cars’ trunk is approximate. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.