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Why choose us ?

You Will Find Hundreds Of Firms To Choose From. However, Finding One You Can Trust Again And Return Undoubtfully Is A Difficult Task.

Our Customers Choose Us Because:
We Offer Quality This is a word we use often, but here we really mean it! We do not approach Car Rentals as work - we take pride from the personalised services we deliver. Moreover, we constantly renew our fleet so you can always find new, reliable models to choose from.
We are hiring
We Are Trustworthy It is important to know you are receiving a reliable vehicle, but also that your Car Hire company will not let you down and will respond promptly if you need them. Our large fleet ensures we can provide you with a replacement vehicle in the unfortunate event of break down.
You Can Always Find Us We deliver our rental cars in Corfu airport, Port and all major holiday resorts. You can reach us through our website, e-mail, phone, mobile, live chat and more! During the rental, we are remaining at our customer's disposal 24/7 for any emergency or just a simple question.
You Know Who We Are Brokers or other "just a logo" firms, are represented by some investor now, and by some other next time. Here, you know us with our names. Our company is named after the founder since 1980. You will see us live in our social media, but you will also meet us in person when you hire our cars.
Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Our excellent rating in all platforms reflect the quality of our work. Read REAL experiences from REAL customers in Google, Facebook and any other provider.
We Provide The Best Fuel Policy: Full To Full! This is how we like to be treated, and this is how we treat our Customers. Simple and fair fuel policy which makes your car rental and easy experience.
Support local economy We are a local, family-owned business. When you hire your holiday car at Rolandos, you are supporting the local economy.
Last But Not Least Is Our Clear Pricing Our prices are competitive and fair. More importantly, there is no hidden extras and no unauthorized charges. All expenses are approved by you. We do not hold any security deposit.
In our over-40 years of experience we have satisfied over 80.000 customers, our history speaks for itself!